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Roof panels

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Transparent panels

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Transparent panels are used to illuminate the perimeter walls and sloping roofs of buildings. It is necessary to take into account a lower static load capacity than conventional sandwich panels and a lower heat transfer coefficient. Installing the panel in the roof cladding will improve the light comfort inside the building and save on internal lighting costs. Polycarbonate translucent panels are not suitable for environments with higher humidity, or for spaces with high internal temperatures (for example, above manufacturing processes generating residual heat).

Wall-mounted translucent panels are compatible with insulation panels with concealed anchoring and PIR insulation core. Rooflighting panels can be combined with both PIR and mineral wool insulation panels.


Information about sandwich panels

- sandwich panels are designed for sheathing interior walls, exterior walls, ceilings and roof skeleton structures.

Insulation core
- the PIR insulation core has superior thermal insulation properties. As a result, panels with this foam achieve the required heat transfer coefficient even at very small thicknesses
- mineral fibre insulation core is non-flammable, suitable for applications requiring increased fire resistance, suitable for thermal protection of buildings and insulation. To achieve the same heat transfer coefficient, twice the insulation layer is required compared to the PIR insulation core.

- visible - the anchor bolt on the wall is visible
- hidden - the anchor bolt is hidden in a concealed connection with the downstream panel


Main advantages of sandwich panels:



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