Connecting and sealing material

For the profiles supplied (trapezoidal, corrugated and cassette profiles, sandwich panels) we offer all accessories for anchoring them to common types of structures such as steel, wood and aluminium, as well as sealing material for filling joints and holes. A description of the basic accessories can be found below.

For specific types and sizes, please contact our sales department where our colleagues will recommend the right accessories for your roof or cladding.

- Threaded (must be pre-drilled) into steel and wood construction
- self-drilling (with drill bit) in steel (flange thickness up to 18 mm), wood and aluminium construction
- open and closed rivets for different steel thicknesses
- material zinc or stainless steel (A2), can also be ordered painted in RAL shade.

- for all supplied types of trapezoidal and corrugated sheets
- plain aluminium or painted in RAL shade

- in the same finish as trapezoidal and corrugated sheets.

Prof. seals
- in light or anthracite shade.

Cuffs for penetrations
- for all shapes and sizes of trapezoidal sheet penetrations
- split cuffs for penetrations that cannot be changed can also be supplied
- the cuffs are supplied with a mounting kit (screws and sealant)

Sealing strips
- PE tapes between the steel structure and the profiled sheet
- Butyl tapes for longitudinal and transverse joints
- Compression tapes to fill gaps
- in light or anthracite shade. 

The anchoring procedure is described in the installation instructions.