Aluminium rapezoidal sheets

Aluminium trapezoidal sheets – production abroad

Aluminum trapezoidal sheets manufactured abroad are known to our customers mainly because of their low weight and quality of the finished product. Its properties are great for building envelope as roofing. Aluminum trapezoidal sheets produced on modern lines are available in several layouts, colors and special designs.

CB-AL 20/125
 profily CB20_125_1_2
widthapplicationthickness (mm)weight (kg/m2)special version
1000 mmfacade profile0,702,28
external roof profile0,802,61
CB-AL 30/200
 profily CB30_200_1_2
widthapplicationthickness (mm)weight (kg/m2)special version
1000 mmexternal roof profile0,702,40
CB-AL 35/207
 profily CB35_207_2_1
widthapplicationthickness (mm)weight (kg/m2)special version
1035 mmfacade profile0,702,30
external roof profile0,802,60
CB-AL 40/183
 profily CB40_183_1_2
widthapplicationthickness (mm)weight (kg/m2)special version
915 mmfacade profile0,702,60
external roof profile0,803,00
supporting into the roof1,003,70
CB-AL 45/333
 profily CB45_333_1
widthapplicationthickness (mm)weight (kg/m2)special version
1000 mmexternal roof profile0,702,24
CB-AL 50/250
 profily CB50_250_1_2
widthapplicationthickness (mm)weight (kg/m2)special version
1000 mmfacade profile0,702,40
external roof profile0,802,70
supporting into the roof1,003,40


Aluminium corrugated sheets – production abroad

Aluminum corrugated sheets produced abroad are characterized by their low weight thanks to which they are very easily handled. Thanks to its good weather resistance, long service life and high-quality processing, it can be used as a façade or external roofing. Thanks to four dimensional widths and several color designs, each of our customers will surely choose.

CB-AL 18/76
 profily CB18_76_1_2
widthapplicationthickness (mm)weight (kg/m2)special version
1064 mmfacade profile0,702,26
external roof profile0,802,58
CB-AL 27/111
 profily CB27_111_1_2
widthapplicationthickness (mm)weight (kg/m2)special version
1000 mmfacade profile0,702,41
external roof profile0,802,75
CB-AL 55/177
 profily CB55_177_1_2
applicationthickness (mm)weight (kg/m2)special version
885 mmfacade profile0,702,66



We delivered metal profiles for constructions of

About CB Profil

CB PROFIL a.s. is a Czech company, active in the market in production of trapezial sheets and section steels since 2006. In our new production hall, we have installed a modern, fully automatic production line for profiling trapezial sheets. We also produce section steels on the most modern EHT press brakes of up to 6 500 mm length and 6 mm thickness. The press brakes are equipped with fully automatic crowning, guaranteeing perfect bending accuracy on the entire length.

Our emphasis is on the highest quality, speed and professional customer service provided by an experienced team of technical employees. We attempt to deliver to our customers in shortest delivery times. We begin fast production within one week of the submission of specifications, allowing enough time for proper processing of the sheeting laying plan. Further, we focus on precise delivery according to the agreed schedule in order to avoid early or late deliveries, to ensure smooth completion of the construction and to meet your deadlines.

Upon your visit, you can observe the production of trapezial sheets and section steels. We will be pleased to advise you with our rich experience in this field, which stems from numerous projects relating to aesthetics, statics and economical solution of the construction. We train workers for professional assembly and we will examine the quality of the finished project. We will deliver your order to your construction site or warehouse according to your request. We can also provide you with the high-quality connecting and sealing materials needed for proper assembly.


In 2012 we have implemented quality management system, currently according to ISO 9001:2016 and we are regularly audited by certification company.


Since September 2012 we own CE certificates according to EN 1090-1:2009 for all our products.


Declaration of performance


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